The Basilica of San Benedetto, is built over the birthplace of St Benedict and St Scholastica.
The Basilica opens each day at 8:20 AM and closes at 8:15 PM. (Closed Tuesday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM)


Guests and pilgrims who wish to come and spend some time in prayer with the monks are always welcome. We have a small guesthouse where we can accommodate men who wish to closely follow our life. If you wish to reserve a room, please contact the guestmaster at:


There are several ways to arrive in Norcia:
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Benedictine Monks open Brewery in Norcia

Monks have always drunk beer and many popular craft beers come from monasteries experienced in the art of beer making. In keeping with this tradition, the monks at the Monastero di San Benedetto (Monastery of St Benedict) in Norcia, Umbria, opened the Birra Nursia brewery.
The beer is so popular that the 3,000 bottles produced to launch the brewery sold out in a few days. Even Pope Benedict XVI has had a bottle, when the monastery’s founder, Friar Cassian Folsom, gave him one during a papal audience.


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