Br. Anthony Zemenick, O.S.B.


My name is Br. Anthony Zemenick. I come from Arlington, Texas. I went to college at Magdalen College in Warner, NH. During my junior year of college (2005), I came over to Norcia for the Vocational Discernment Program during the summer. After graduation, I returned to Norcia in the summer of 2006 to join the monastery. On August 6, 2010 I made my Solemn Vows.


For the most of my time in the monastery I was the cook and kitchen master, however I also worked in the sacristy for a period of time. Most recently I have begun philosophy studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (Angelicum) in Rome.


The saints who have inspired me in my monastic vocation have been the Desert Fathers; first and foremost St. Anthony the Great (my patron), but also the others Desert Fathers and Monastic Fathers of the Christian East.