The Basilica of San Benedetto, is built over the birthplace of St Benedict and St Scholastica.
The Basilica opens each day at 8:20 AM and closes at 8:15 PM. (Closed Tuesday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM)


Guests and pilgrims who wish to come and spend some time in prayer with the monks are always welcome. We have a small guesthouse where we can accommodate men who wish to closely follow our life. If you wish to reserve a room, please contact the guestmaster at:


There are several ways to arrive in Norcia:
For train schedules to Spoleto, visit
For bus schedules from Spoleto to Norcia, click here.

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Our Products

Our Products

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The Monastery Beer:

Birra Nursia Blonde & Extra

The newest product to be offered by Monastero San Benedetto is our own handcrafted beer. On August 15th, 2012, the monks will begin selling two varieties: a blonde and an extra. For more information and updates, please visit


The Monastery CD: Vir Dei * Sponsa Christi:

Music for the Feasts of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

You may now purchase this CD stateside at Monastery Greetings.


The Monastery DVD:

Quaerere Deum


In the Jubilee year 2000, the Monks of Norcia breathed new life into the birthplace of St. Benedict. Armed with only faith and zeal, we founded a monastic community which has been attracting men from all over the world to follow St. Benedict’s ancient Rule. Many of our friends have long wanted an insight into the inner workings of our life and so we have produced this high quality film which shows the monks in the midst of “Ora et Labora”, or the daily life of work and prayer. The title of the film, “Quaerere Deum,” means to Seek God. This is the true calling of all monks, the first and most essential quality of an authentic monastic vocation, as laid out in the Rule of our Holy Father St. Benedict. If you’d like a copy, please get in contact with our Director of Development.


The Monastery Meal Booklet:

Benedictiones Mensae

$10 / €10


This edition has been out of print for many years, and monastic and religious communities will be in particular happy to know that it is once again in print. Besides the blessings for lunch and dinner, also included are the traditional variations for major feasts and seasons (including the Triduum, according to the revision of Pius XII). If you’d like a copy, please get in contact with our Director of Development.

You can view a partial translation of the booklet here.



Liturgical Calendar



The Monks of Norcia present this official 2014 calendar, which contains the following features:
– The Feast Days from both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form (that is, the New and Traditional calendars)
– Specific Benedictine and local saints
– Beautiful photos of both the monastery, the monastic community, and the town of Norcia
– Days in which to fast and abstain from meat
– Holy days of Obligation

– For those living in the USA, the calendar is $20.00 (which includes S&H).
– For those living in Canada, the calendar is $25.00 (which includes S&H).
– For those living elsewhere, the calendar is $30,00 (which includes S&H).

To order a calendar, contact our Director of Development at, or

+1 (812) 686-6102, or

Pay with paypal:

Calendar (inc. shipping costs)