(Italiano) San Benedetto Incontra San Valentino
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1-7 Martius


The daily schedule of the monks

4:00 Matins*
5:15 Lectio Divina
6:00 Lauds
6:45 Private Masses
7:45 Prime
9:40 Terce††
10:00 Conventual Mass**†
12:45 Sext
13:00 Lunch
14:45 None
18:15 Vespers
18:30 Lectio Divina
18:30 Dinner only in summer.
19:15 Recreation
19:35 Reading in Common
19:45 Compline

* 3:45 on Sundays and Feasts
* * Celebrated in the Extraordinary Form (1962)
† Sundays 11:45
††9:00a on Sundays
Information subject to change


Ad Missam de Feria IV


Ad Laudes de Feria IV


Ad Vesperas de Feria III


Recent Posts

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St. Benedict begins his treatment of Lent saying that a monk’s entire life should be one of Lenten observance (ch. 49).  The standard is high for us monks, to be sure!  But he then warmly recognizes that few monks have the strength to do this, so he encourages his monks to use the time of…Read More

Since the time of Adam and Eve, there exists a spiritual battle between the faithful and the powers of darkness; it’s a battle that will continue until the end of the world. In this battle, there are two armies: on the one hand, Satan and his demons; on the other, St. Michael and the Christians….Read More

One of our monks, Br. John McKenzie, O.S.B., and an oblate of the monastery, Mark Brown, have recently authored and illustrated a children’s book calledThe Life of Saint Benedict, inspired by the second of Pope St. Gregory the Great’s Dialogues.  We are honored that Ignatius Press has published Br. John’s book; it’s available for purchase on…Read More

Save the Date!  The Monks of Norcia are pleased to announce that His Excellency, Frank Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport, will be the keynote speaker at the 2015 Norcia Gala.   Each Spring, Fr. Cassian and Fr. Benedict spend a lovely evening with many friends and benefactors in the northeast sponsored by the generous Marchetti family. …Read More

Il 15 febbraio, la Diocesi di Foligno ha invitato padre Cassiano per un incontro di formazione liturgico, di fare un discorso sull’importanza del silenzio nella liturgia.   Qui si trova il testo e il video, e qui c’è un foglietto che dà alcuni appunti della presentazione.  

Today, in this last Sunday before Lent, the liturgy inserts us into the drama of Jesus’s ascent to Jerusalem where he will be mocked, scourged, killed, and rise on the third day. Before ascending the mountains up to Jerusalem, we pass through the valley where Jericho lies.   First, we hear Christ prophesying about Himself…Read More

Around the year 1650, Father Fortunato Ciucci, a Celestine monk of this monastery, wrote his famous work titled Istorie dell’antica città di Norcia (Histories of the Ancient City of Norcia). In that time, Fr. Ciucci lived on a grange of the monastery, which is the present Church of St. Scholastica, and he had a strong…Read More

Today’s Mass, Sexagesima Sunday, was celebrated in ancient times in the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome. For this reason, the various texts of today’s Mass have a strong Pauline imprint. In the Collect, we ask to be fortified against every adversity through the intercession of St. Paul, the Doctor of the…Read More

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.