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The Initial Inspiration for the Monastery

The initial inspiration of the new monastery crystallized for Fr. Cassian on the feast of St. Bruno, October 6, 1995, while he was sitting in a train from Rome to Napoli. He immediately jotted down the following points:

  1. The restoration of man by the worship of God;
  2. The radical gift of self to Jesus Christ in the monastic way of life according to the Rule of St. Benedict: Nihil amori Christi praeponere (RB 4:21);
  3. The common life of brothers as described in the Acts of the Apostles (they were of one heart and one mind);
  4. Full monastic observance, including vigils and fasting;
  5. The integration of prayer, study, manual labor;
  6. Liturgical life:
    1. Divine Office: as prescribed in the Rule;
    2. Mass and Office in Latin, with Gregorian chant;
  1. Love of the Church:
    1. Cultivation of the attitude sentire cum ecclesia;
    2. Drinking deeply from the streams of the living tradition;
    3. Faithfulness to the Magisterium, filial devotion to the Holy Father;
    4. A truly catholic, i.e. universal spirit (acquired from being founded in Rome, at the heart of the Church);
  1. Apostolic work, our contribution to the new evangelization: intellectual, clerical, and manual work in service to the universal Church;
  2. Marian consent: openness to the will of God after the model of Mary’s fiat.