Update on the Brewery Project


Inquiries about the brewery are now coming in from all parts of the globe. When will it open? What will it be called? How can I buy the beer? The pace of production and construction has been far faster than our ability to get out the news. That soon will change with the unveiling of the Birra Nursia website. In the meantime here are some updates.


Fundraising: Generous benefactors from the USA and Umbria have helped make the brewery project a reality. Giving opportunities are still around for those who would like to participate from within on the project. Two new fermenters arrive on Wednesday at a cost of $20,000 (or €15,000). Would you like to be a part of the project?


Construction: Thanks to the enormous dedication of local masons, electricians and plumbers, construction has kept pace with production, literally. While Br. Francis and Br. Evagrius were brewing our first batches, the ventilation system was completed. As the first bottling day approached, the last stainless steel tubes arrived and were welded into place. No sooner did we have some beer ready for tasting, and construction was completed on a brand new private tasting room in our gift shop. An artist from Terni is completing a Madonna and Child for the facade of the brewery and local artists in Norcia are completing new signs for the facade of the gift shop.


Production: We now have several thousand bottles of beer ready for drinking! This week we’ll brew another 3-4000 liters, thanks to the arrival of two new fermenters. Our new labels will finally be ready from the printer and a technician will explain to us how to use the fancy labeling machine which also stamps the lot number and expiration date on our bottles.


Our launch and inauguration date is set for August 15th at 4:30pm. Won’t you join us? We’ll have special guests, a solemn blessing by the archbishop, and much beer for tasting and purchase. From that date the real work of Birra Nursia begins, “ut laetificet cor”.





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