Br. Mariano makes simple vows

The 13th of November is an important date for the monks of Norcia, it’s the feast day of all the Benedictine saints who have been guided by the Rule of our Holy Father Benedict and have followed in his footsteps leaving everything behind to follow Christ. In the monastery we only have a few monks who have chosen Benedictine names: Fr. Benedict, Br. Placid and Br. Peter Damian; but we also have monks who chose their names from the holy patriarchs who inspired St. Benedict and influenced his Rule:  Fr. Cassian, Fr. Basil, Br. Anthony and Br. Evagrius.


The feast day reminds us that we are still connected to our brethren in heaven; we are part of the living tradition and in many different ways, as God wills, we pass it on to our guests and pilgrims, and most importantly, to the young men who come here to seek Christ.


The date is also special for another reason; during the Conventual Mass, Br. Massimiliano Silvati from La Spezia, our first Italian vocation, and one of our most dedicated to the Ora et Labora made his Simple Profession before God, His saints, Fr. Cassian and the community. When he made his profession he chose his new name, he asked a Saint in heaven to guide him especially and to give him the strength to persevere in the monastic life. Br. Massimiliano took the name Br. Mariano, O.S.B.


Please join the monks of Norcia in celebrating this joyous occasion by praying for Br. Mariano, so that we may join our prayers to those of the Blessed Virgin Mary in strengthening and encouraging our brother to travel with perseverance along the narrow road which leads unto life.


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