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REGINA, a new Catholic culture and lifestyle magazine will be launched on Saint Valentine’s Day this year. The quarterly review will feature social and cultural news, commentary, book and film reviews as well as interviews with prominent Catholics. REGINA will be delivered solely in electronic format via the Web to subscribers.


“Dedicated to Pope Benedict XVI, REGINA draws together extraordinary Catholic writers with a vibrant faith, and wide-ranging interests. We cover Catholic stories and review Catholic films and books, and we’re interested in everything under the sun — from work and family to religious and eternal life,” said Beverly De Soto, Managing Editor, who works from Europe.


The inaugural issue of REGINA features coverage of the recent wedding of their Imperial and Royal Highnesses Imre and Kathleen of Austria in Washington, D.C., an interview with EWTN personality and author Colleen Carroll Campbell and a visit with the Benedictines of Norcia, Italy. Other articles cover homeschooling, food, fitness, spirituality, history and fashion.


“At REGINA, we seek the Good, the Beautiful and the True – in our Tradition and with our Godgiven Reason,” said Ms. De Soto. “We are joyfully loyal to the Magisterium. We proudly celebrate our literary and artistic heritage and seek to live and teach the authentic Faith.”


REGINA is free to subscribers, who may contact the magazine at The magazine does not accept advertising at present. Currently, REGINA is English-language only.


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