Readings at Table

In Chapter 38 of the Rule, St. Benedict says that “The meals of the brothers should not be without reading. Nor should the reader be anyone who happens to take up the book; but there should be a reader for the whole week, entering that office on Sunday.”In Norcia, books read at table tend to cover themes related to monastic life, Italian history, or liturgical study. Besides those topics biographies and contemporary journal articles are also read.
The following is a list of books we’ve read since the beginning of the foundation in Rome:





Pearce, JosephLiterary Converts2014.02
Messori, VittorioIl Miracolo : Spagna 1= 640, indagine sul più sconvolgente
prodigio mariano
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol2013.12
Ratzinger, Joseph / Papa Benedetto
L’infanzia di Gesù2013.12
Oursel, RaymondIl segreto di Cluny2013.12
Mathewes-Green, FredericaThe Jesus Prayer: The = Ancient Desert Prayer that Tunes
the Heart to God
Spadaro, Antonio S.J.Interview with Pope Fr= ancis2013.10
Giovanni di SalisburyVita di Sant’Anselmo d= ’Aosta2013.10
Williams, John A.Islam2013.09
Romano, Angelo“Mirare tutta la vasti= tà del mondo” : Maria Luisa
Prosperi, monaca benedettina (1799 – 1847)
The Venerable BedeEcclesiastical History= of the English Nation2013.08
Isichei, ElizabethEntirely for God: The = Life of Michael Iwene Tansi2013.07
Sommo Pontefice FrancescoLettera Enciclica “Lum= en Fidei”2013.07
Gronau, EduardHildegard : Vita di un= a donna profetica alle origini
dell’età moderna
Sister LuciaFatima in Lucia’s Own = Words2013.06
Ratzinger, Joseph / Pope Benedict
Jesus of Nazareth: Hol= y Week: From the Entrance Into
Jerusalem To The Resurrection
Ratzinger, Joseph / Papa Benedetto
Gesù di Nazaret : Dall= ‘ingresso in Gerusalemme fino
alla risurrezione
Jotischky, AndrewA Hermit’s Cookbook: M= onks, Food and Fasting in the
Middle Ages
Brother LawrenceThe Practice of the Pr= esence of God2013.02
Kardong OSB, Terrence G.Pillars of Community: = Four Rules of Pre-Benedictine
Monastic Life
Rossi di Marignano, Federico A.Carlo Borromeo : Un uo= mo, una vita, un secolo2013.01
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol2012.12
Ratzinger, Joseph / Pope Benedict
Jesus of Nazareth: The= Infancy Narratives2012.12
Ratzinger, Joseph / Papa Benedetto
L’infanzia di Gesù2012.12
Driscoll OSB, JeremyA Monk’s Alphabet: Mom= ents of Stillness in a Turning
Buehrle, Marie C.Rafael Cardinal Merry = del Val2012.09
Rey-Mermet, ThoduleAlfonso de Liguori : u= n uomo per i senza speranza
O Maidin, UinseannThe Celtic Monk: Rules= and Writings of Early Irish
Dorotheo di GazaInsegnamenti spiritual= i2012.05
Gorg, Peter H.The Desert Fathers: Sa= int Anthony and the beginnings of
Daniel-Rops, HenriDaily Life in the Time= of Jesus2012.04
Dell’Omo, Mariano O.S.BStoria del monachesimo occidentale dal Medioevo all’età
contemporanea : Il carisma di San Benede= tto tra VI e XX secolo
Smaragdus of Saint-MihielCommentary on the Rule= of Saint Benedict2011.09
Massimo Viglione1861 : Le Due Italie2011.08
Moschus, JohnThe Spiritual Meadow2011.08
Mother Mary Francis P.C.C.But I Have Called you = Friends2011.07
Ruffin, C. BernardThe days of the Martyr= s2011.05
Theodoret of CyrrhusA History of the Monks= of Syria2011.05
Ratzinger, Joseph / Papa Benedetto
Gesù di Nazaret : Dall= ‘ingresso in Gerusalemme fino
alla risurrezione
Ratzinger, Joseph / Pope Benedict
Jesus of Nazareth: Hol= y Week: From the Entrance Into
Jerusalem To The Resurrection
Gillette, GertrudeThe Four Faces of Ange= r: Seneca, Evagrius, Cassian,
de Mattei, RobertoIl Concilio Vaticano I= I2011.02
Pamparana, AndreaBenedetto : Padre di m= olti popoli2011.01
Pope Benedict XVILuce del Mondo2010.11
Ratzinger, Joseph;
Pera, Marcello
Senza Radici : Europa, relativismo, cristianesimo,
Magrassi, MarianoBibbia e Preghiera2010.10
Fortini, ArnaldoFrancis of Assisi2010.10
Bartolomei Romagnoli, AlessandraCelestino V : Il Papa = Eremita2010.10
Spinelli, Giovanni O.S.B.Monaci per l’Europa2010.09
Scenuda IIIIl Risveglio spiritual= e2010.09
Saint Peter DamianThe Letters of Saint P= eter Damian. Vol. I2010.09
Clayton, JosephPope Innocent III and = His Times2010.08
The Fathers of The ChurchBarsunuphius and John:= Letters. Vol. 12010.07
Saint PachomiusPachomian Koinonia. Vo= l. 3: Insturctions, Letters and
Other Writings of Saint Pachomius and His Disci= ples
Saint PachomiusPachomian Kononia. Vol= 2: Pachomian Chronicles and
Moorhouse, GeoffreyThe Last Divine Office= : Henry VIII and the Dissolution
of the Monasteries
Vivian, Tim; Vivian, Kim; Burton,
The Lives of the Jura = Fathers2010.04
Dudden, Frederick HomesGregory the Great: His= Place in History and Thought. Vol.
Chitty, Derwas J.The Desert a City : An Introduction to the Study of
Egyptian and Palestian Monasticism under the Christian Empire
King, PeterWestern Monasticism: A= History of the Monastic Movement
in the Latin Church
Saint Dorotheos of GazaDiscourses and Sayings=2009.10
Trochu, Abbé FrancisThe Curé D’Ars: St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney2009.09
Cabaniss, AllenBenedict of Aniane: The Emperor’s Monk2009.07
Davril, Anselme; Palazzo, EricLa vita dei monaci : A= l tempo delle grandi abbazie2009.07
Brandmüller, WalterLight and Shadows: Chu= rch History amid Faith, Fact, and
Seewald, PeterBenedict XVI: An Intim= ate Portrait2009.06
Beauduin, Lambert
Liturgy: The Life of t= he Church2009.05
Gamber, Msgr. KlausThe Reform of the Roma= n Liturgy2009.04
Saint AugustineSermons for Liturgical= Seasons: Easter Week2009.04
Goodier, Alban S.J.The Passion and Death = of Our Lord Jesus Christ2009.04
Mabillon, JeanTreatise on Monastic S= tudies2009.03
Gerard, JohnThe Autobiography of an Elizabethan2009.02
Gruber, Mark O.S.B.Journey Back to Eden: = My Life and Times among the Desert
Granzotto, GianniCarlo Magno2008.12
Herin, JudithByzantium: The surpris= ing life of a medieval empire2008.11
Butler, CuthbertBenedictine Monachism<= /td>2008.10
nborn, Christoph
Chance or Purpose: Cre= ation, Evolution and a Rational
Gruber, Mark O.S.B.Sacrifice in the Deser= t: A study of an Egyptian minority
through the prism of coptic monasticism
Mullins, EdwinCluny: In Search of Go= d’s Lost Empire2008.06
Macmanus, FrancisSaint Columban2008.04
Saint AthanasiusLife of St. Anthony an= d the Letter to Marcellinus2008.02
Thompson, Augustine, O.P.Cities of God2008.01
Saint AugustineRule of St. Augustine<= /td>2007.10
Kleber OSB, AlbertHistory of St. Meinrad= Archabbey2007.10
Andenna, Giancarlo e Bonetti
Benedetto di Aniane: V= ita e riforma monastica2007.09
Ratzinger, Joseph / Pope Benedict
Jesus of Nazareth: Fro= m the Baptism in the Jordan to the
Early Monastic Rules: = Rules of the Fathers and Regula
Karolevitz, Robert F.Bishop Martin Marty: “= The Black Robe Lean Chief”2007.07
Lackner, Bede S.O.Cist.Eleventh Century Backg= round of Cluny2007.05
Pope Benedict XVISacramentum Caritatis<= /td>2007.03
Lewis, Clive StaplesThe Four Loves2007.02
Aradi, ZoltPius XI: The Pope and = the Man2007.02
Robinson, JonathanThe Mass and Modernity= : Walking to Heaven Backward2007.01
Paredi, AngeloSt. Ambrose, His Life = and Times2006.12
Vivian, TimPaphnutius: Histories = of the Monks of Upper Egypt and
the Life of Onnophrius
Assenmacher, HughA place called Subiaco=2006.10
Leclercq, JeanThe Love of Learning a= nd the Desire for God2006.06
Leclercq, Jean; Blessed Paul
Camaldolese Extraordin= ary:
The Life, Doctrine, and Rule of Bless= ed Paul Giustiniani
Longenecker, DwightSt. Benedict and St. T= hérèse: The Little Rule and the
Little Way
Luykx, Archimandrite BonifaceEastern Monasticism an= d the Future of the Church2006.05
Conant, Kenneth JohnBenedictine Contributi= ons to Church Architecture2006.05
Saint John ChrysostomBaptismal Instructions=2006.04
Lunardi, GiovanniLa Congregazione Subla= cense O.S.B2006.04
Saward, JohnCradle of Redeeming Lo= ve2006.03
Baur, Chrysostomus O.S.B.John Chrysostom and Hi= s Time. Vol. 1, Antioch2006.02
Peters, EdwardMonks, Bishops and Pag= ans, Life of St. Columbanus2005.12
Saward, JohnBeauty of Holiness and= the Holiness of Beauty2005.11
Waugh, EvelynEdmund Campion2005.11
The Fathers of the Chu= rch, Early Christian
Ward, BenedictaThe Sayings of the Des= ert Fathers2005.07
Peters, WalterThe Life of Benedict X= V2005.06
Ratzinger, JosephSenza Radici2005.04
Hausherr, IrénéePenthos: The Doctrine = of Compunction in the Christian
Hausherr, IrénéeThe Name of Jesus: The= Names of Jesus Used by Early
Christians, The Development of the “Jesus Prayer”
Brown, PeterAugustine of Hippo: A = Biography2005.01
Dickens, CharlesThe Chimes: The Cricke= t on the Hearth2004.12
Cyril of ScythopolisThe Lives of the Monks= of Palestine2004.09
Lang, Uwe MichaelTurning Towards the Lo= rd2004.08
Papa Giovanni Paolo IIAlzatevi, Andiamo!2004.07
Ratzinger, JosephGod and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald2004.06
Farmer, David HughBenedict’s Disciples2004.04
Bunge, Gabriel O.S.B.Earthen Vessels: The P= ractice of Personal Prayer
according to the Patristic Tradition
Pope John Paul IIEcclesia in Europa2003.10
Pontifical Council for CultureJesus Christ: The Bear= er of the Water of Life (A
Christian Reflection on the “New Age”)
Saint Dorotheos of GazaDiscources and Sayings=2003.08
Pope John Paul IIEcclesia de Eucharisti= a2003.08
Nichols, Aidan O.P.Looking at the Liturgy= : A critical view of its
contemporary form
Ratzinger, JosephIl Dio Vicino; l’eucar= istia cuore della vita
Kadloubovsky, E.; Palmer,
Writings from the Phil= okalia on Prayer of the Heart2003.03
Goldmann, Gereon O.F.M.The Shadow of His Wing= s2003.01
NguyÅn Vn Thu­n, Francis
Testimony of Hope2002.12
Ricciotti, GiuseppeThe Age of Martyrs: Ch= ristianity from Diocletian to
Grosso, MarianoSanta Scolastica2002.08
Ravier, André S.J.Saint Bruno:The Carthu= sian2002.06
Congregation for Institutes of
Consacrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
Starting Afresh from C= hrist2002.06
Morin, GermainIdeal of the Monastic = Life2002.06
Saint John CassianConferences2002.05
French, Reginald MichaelWay of a Pilgrim and t= he Pilgrim Continues His Way2002.05
Schememann, AlexanderGreat Lent2002.05
Ratzinger, JosephBehold, The Pierced On= e2002.04
 Armand Veilleux O.C.S.O.Pachomian Koinonia V.I= .2002.02
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol2002.01
Derrick, ChristopherEscape from Scepticism= : As if Truth Mattered2001.12
Magrassi, MarianoAn Introduction to Lec= tio Divina2001.12
Butler, CuthbertBenedictine Monasticis= m2001.11
Saint EusebiusEcclesiastical History=2001.09
Mabillon, JeanAims and Attitudes of = Monks at Study2001.09
Saint ClementApostolic letter2001.09
Guardini, RomanoThe Spirit of the Litu= rgy2001.09
Archimandrite Sophrony SakharovWisdom from Mount Atho= spost 6/99
de Vogue, AdalbertLife of St. Benedictpost 6/99
Saint AugustineConfessionspost 6/99
Soltner, LouisSolesmes and Dom Guera= ngerpost 6/99
Weigel, GeorgeWitness to Hopepost 6/99
Saint John CassianInstitutesante 5/99
Ratzinger, JosephMilestonesante 5/99
Pope John Paul IIBull of Indiction of t= he Jubilee Yearante 5/99
Herbstrith, WaltraudEdith Steinante 5/99
Ward, BenedictaLives of the Desert Fa= thersante 5/99
Pope John Paul IIEncyclical letter &quo= t;Fides et Ratio”ante 5/99
Schuster, IldefonsoSaint Benedict and his= Timesante 5/99