New Album

We Are Pleased to Present Our First International Recording:

BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia


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1. Bells from the Basilica
2. Sequence Ave Maria…virgo serena
3. Capitulum Dominus possedit me
4. Responsory Nihil Inquinatum
5. Antiphon Ait Dominus
6. Responsory Beatissimae
7. Antiphon Regali ex progenie
8. Responsory Solem justitiae
9. Capitulum Ecce virgo concipiet
10. Responsory Gaude Maria
11. Antiphon Gabriel Angelus
12. Responsory Sancta et immaculata
13. Antiphon Rubum quem viderat
14. Antiphon Alma Redemptoris Mater
15. Antiphon Tuam ipsius animam
16. Capitulum Cui comparabo te?
17. Responsory Vadis Propitiator
18. Antiphon Ave Regina Caelorum
19. Antiphon Laetare Virgo Mater
20. Antiphon Regina Caeli
21. Hymn Concordi laetitia
22. Capitulum Benedixit te
23. Responsory Vidi speciosam
24. Antiphon Virgo Prudentissima
25. Responsory Virgo parens Christi
26. Antiphon Sub tuum praesidium
27. Capitulum Ab initio
28. Responsory Ave Maria
29. Hymn O gloriosa Domina
30. Hymn Ave maris stella
31. Antiphon Nos qui Christi iugum
32. Antiphon Salve Regina
33. Benedicta