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It was not without good reason that St. John Paul II declared the octave day of Easter as “Divine Mercy Sunday.” In the risen Lord we find the fountain of all mercy and the wellspring of eternal life.   In today’s Gospel and liturgy we become witnesses to the fact that one of the primary…Read More

Come join the Monks of Norcia for their solemn liturgies during Holy Week!  

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The Burning Bush   When I was a young boy, my mom gave me a children’s book with bible stories. I read the story of the burning bush with curiosity and a little confusion, because the name of God seemed to me very strange: I am who am (Ex 3:14). Already at the tender age…Read More

The Monks of Norcia have an exciting announcement to make in the coming days, but in order to do so we need to temporarily remove our Gregorian chant, including excerpts from the Vir Dei Sponsa Christi CD, and the prayer recordings from various websites.   Fortunately, we have created this easy link for you to…Read More

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Today is traditionally known as Laetare Sunday. Laetare means “rejoice” and is the first word of today’s Introit, Laetare Jerusalem. Rejoicing in Lent. Yes, it is appropriate to rejoice in Lent.   Even though it is a time of penance for our sins, we should rejoice and not be sad. Let us not forget that on…Read More

During a brief visit to the US, Fr. Benedict made an early morning visit by telephone with Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell of the Son Rise Morning Show.  During the interview, he discussed Lent in the monastery, and shared some great insights into the Benedictine way of life.  Here is the link to the interview:…Read More

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