The glass half-full: Birra Nursia expands, evangelizes 3 years on
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NORCIA, ITALY – Celebrating three years of brewing, a new collaboration with the Italian craft-beer distributer Interbrau, as well as an increased level of production, the Monks of Norcia held a tasting and brewery tour Aug. 17 in the city of St. Benedict.   This past year has been about “getting the beer beyond the…Read More

In the historical and cultural context of the New Testament, being deaf and mute were considered as an effect of an evil influence. The remedy, therefore, could not be a medical treatment, but an exorcism. In his ministry of mercy, Jesus healed the deaf, using the methods of his time.   It’s interesting to note…Read More

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In last Sunday’s gospel we heard how Jesus wept when he looked upon Jerusalem from afar. This Sunday we hear a parable that summarizes the kinds of people and their attitudes that Christ laments and praises. Today’s Gospel calls us to reflect on two very different and contrasting dispositions that can be found within the…Read More

The entire world is talking about our current economic collapse.  With Greece on the brink of bankruptcy, with the employment crisis which pervades many European countries, and with the Holy Father’s recent trip to South America – a place of great poverty – everyone, from the Pope down to the man on the street, has…Read More

Sacred Scripture contains not only Divine Wisdom, that is, the revelation which describes the things of God, but also human wisdom, that is, teachings on man and on everyday life. The Gospel passage which we just heard responds to the question: “how can we distinguish the true from the false, especially when the things are…Read More

St. Peter’s question sounds a bit strange to our ears: quid ergo erit nobis? We have left everything and followed you. What then shall we have? (Mt 19:27). It’s important to know that today’s Gospel passage (Mt 19:27-29) directly follows the passage which describes the young man with many possessions. He’s the one who after…Read More

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