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The introit for today’s Mass begins with the word “Resurrexi”: I have risen! Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and the resurrection of Christians. But the very concept of “the resurrection” is difficult to understand. For this reason, Scripture and Tradition spur us to continually reflect and to investigate more profoundly the meaning of…Read More

In our day and age, we are experiencing a crisis of faith in the Eucharist – a crisis of understanding even among practicing Catholics. The liturgy which we celebrate tonight, in Cena Domini, or Holy Thursday, commemorates and renews the institution of the Eucharist established by Our Lord Jesus Christ. What are we dealing with?…Read More

Palm Sunday has always been an important moment in popular piety. The more ancient rituals of the 12th century, in fact, already reported the blessing of palms, a sign that it has always been a deeply held devotion. Today, in our region of Italy, there are more olives than palms, and therefore we use olive…Read More

We just heard the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The Lord finds himself in his homeland, on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, and a large crowd comes to him, wanting to see extraordinary signs which, by now, have made him famous.   In the Gospel of St. John, there…Read More

His word burned like a torch! (Sir 48:1). Not the word of Elijah the prophet, as we just heard in the Scripture reading, but the word of St. Benedict. It’s possible to confuse Elijah with Benedict, because according to St. Gregory the Great, St. Benedict was filled with the spirit of all the just (Dial.,…Read More

For several reasons, up until not very long ago, the Church has always observed a period of preparation before the beginning of Lent. Some say that it was a way to not scandalize the Greeks, who begin Lent before us; others say that inserting three weeks of Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima add up to the…Read More

In the parable which we just heard, the master seems unjust, unfair. At least the workers thought that, because they grumbled at their master because of his inequality of their wages: a denarius for each worker, despite the significant difference that existed between workers in relation to the hours spent in the vineyard. They said:…Read More

NORCIA, ITALY — Beginning January 22 at 7am EST and following closely on the heels of the chart topping release of their Benedicta CD of Gregorian chant, the Monastery of San Benedetto is elated to announce the launch of the revised, revamped 2.0 version of birranursia.com.   At long last and undoubtedly in answer to…Read More

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