Seal Of The Monastery

Seal of the Monastery

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The monastery seal was designed for us by Fabio Iambrenghi, a native of Norcia who is passionately interested in local history. It is divided into two sections:

Seal of the Monastery

  1. On the left hand side is the symbol of the Celestine monks who were here before us, which represents continuity with the past. The Celestines were part of a wide-spread movement in the Church in the thirteenth century which emphasized the power of the Holy Spirit. Their symbol, therefore, is a large S, standing for Spiritus Sanctus. The monastery in Norcia, staffed by the Celestines for hundreds of years, was suppressed by the Napoleonic laws of 1810.

  3. The right side of the seal represents the present: a stump with new shoots of life growing from it. The stump, of course, is monastic life violently cut off in 1810. The new shoots of life represent our community, returning to Norcia in 2000. The fact that the shoots have three leaves represents that fact that when we arrived in 2000, there were only three of us.


As the prophet Isaiah says: “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots” (Is 11:1). This image has always been a sign of hope.