October 6, 1995: Fr. Cassian has the inspiration for new monastery
March 21, 1998: Feast of St. Benedict, approval for the new monastery given by the
Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order, the Most Rev. Marcel Rooney, O.S.B.
September 3, 1998: Conventual life begins at Via Peruzzi in Rome
June 12, 1999: Canonical approval received from the Holy See
July 16, 2000: Br. Clement makes simple vows
December 2, 2000: Monastic community transfers from Rome to Norcia
September 2001: Corvus et Columba opens its doors
September 3, 2001: Br. Benedict makes simple vows
March 21, 2003: Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger celebrates the Feast of St. Benedict with monastic community in Norcia
June 28, 2003: Br. Clement makes solemn profession
November 13, 2003: Monastery establishes Friends of San Benedetto, Norcia in the UK
July 2004: Our first CD, Vir Dei Sponsa Christi, was released
February 10, 2005: Fr. Clement is ordained a priest
April 27, 2005: Fr. Cassian greets newly-elected Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, following a General Audience
August 6, 2005: Fr. Cassian celebrates silver jubilee of monastic profession
September 3, 2005: Br. Basil makes simple vows
January 4, 2006: Br. Benedict makes solemn profession
February 25, 2006: Br. Thomas makes simple vows
December 27, 2006: Br. John makes simple vows
September 3, 2007: Br. Anthony makes simple vows
October 24, 2007: Purchase of San Benedetto fuori le mura
August 6, 2008: Br. Basil makes solemn profession
September 3, 2008: Br. Ignatius makes simple vows
October 11, 2008: Fr. Benedict is ordained a priest
January 8, 2009: Br. Thomas makes solemn profession
April 21, 2009: Holy See entrusts to our community the special liturgical apostolate of celebrating both forms of the Roman Rite (Extraordinary and Ordinary)
April 29, 2009: Fr. Cassian celebrates silver jubilee of priestly ordination
September 3, 2009: Br. Evagrius and Br. Michael make simple vows
October 6, 2009: Br. John makes solemn profession
October 31, 2009: Fr. Thomas ordained a priest
July 2010: Development Office officially instituted
August 6, 2010: Br. Anthony makes solemn profession
September 8, 2010: Br. Peter Damian and Br. Francis make simple vows
October 18, 2010: Fr. Cassian is named by His Holiness, Pope Benedict, as a Consultor of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
December 2, 2010: 10th Anniversary of our arrival in Norcia
July 30, 2011: Br. Ignatius makes solemn profession
September 24, 2011: Fr. Basil is ordained a priest
January 6, 2012: Br. Placid makes simple vows
February, 2012: Monastery is canonically established under the supervision of the Abbot Primate in the International Benedictine Confederation
March 2012: Quaerere Deum, a video on the daily life of the monastery, officially debuted
August 11th, 2012: Br. Evagrius makes his solemn vows
August 15th, 2012: Birra Nursia, our monastic brewery, is officially inaugurated and selling begins
November 13, 2013: Br. Mariano makes simple vows
January 6, 2013: Br. Gregory makes simple vows