In every age, God has raised men and women that feel the call of Christ to be his disciples, and they have responded in a radical form, abandoning the comforts of friends and family in order to dedicate themselves completely to the Lord. The radical nature of this way of life finds a corresponding harmony of the human heart that is “restless until we rest in you”, as St. Augustine says. When the lord walked upon this earth and gathered around him disciples that wanted to be with him, to live with him, to suffer with him — always. A monk ardently desires to follow the Lord in the same way.

What are the requirements to become a monk?

  • Men between 20 and 40 years of age
  • Practicing Catholics
  • Docility towards the Holy Spirit
  • Eagerness to wield the powerful and luminous arms of obedience in order to follow Christ as our true King.

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