Director of Development

Born in New Jersey, but raised near Indianapolis, Indiana, Bryan Gonzalez graduated from Wabash College in 2003 with a major in Religion and minor in German. After graduation, he spent two years helping the Benedictine Monks in Norcia in their gift shop. In 2005, he went to Vienna, Austria to study Philosophy and Theology at the International Theological Institute, graduating magna cum laude with an S.T.M. in June 2010.

In July 2010, we formally established a Development program and hired Bryan, a long-time friend and oblate of the Monastery, to direct our efforts. Bryan’s main assignment will be with the development efforts in the US, since many of our friends and benefactors are from America. Although his background is in theology, he completed development courses at the Fund Raising School in Indianapolis between Sept-Nov 2010.


Bryan and his wife, Kilty, have three children: Joseph Benedict, born in May 2010, while living in Austria, Matthew Sean, born in October 2011, and Dominic Cassian, born in August 2013.


If you need to contact Bryan, please feel freeto call him at (812) 686-6102 or email him at